Lets get the juices flowing

Are you needing a night out with the girls? Having a party with family, kids or a group and want something fun and memorable? You need to book a"Creative Juice" Party!!!!
This takes little to No planning and is a fun way to get everyone to involved. Its simple!

Simply choose 1 of the 3 crafts shown (they change the last week of every month, unless a special project is requested)

choose a date and time, provide snacks 

and I provide EVERYTHING else.


If a loud craft night with guests is not for you....don't worry! I also provide "Juice Boxes", which include the craft supplies (from your craft choice) and instructions. For a quiet, "night in" alternative. 
Creative Prick

*Simple or kid friendly craft with Little to No                              difficulty                                       

  Isn't this "WELCOME" sign fun? Its also very easy to create. The best part is embellishing it however you want! (here is the website for this project)
All of these projects can be chosen for a "Creative Juice" party, or as a "Juice Box" with all supplies provided and instructions presented by creative example.